Our Work in Ghana 

Posted 12th February 2024 by Linda Mawutor Aboagye

The Target Malaria Ghana team is pleased to share two new videos showing “Our Work in Ghana”, available in English and Twi.  

The purpose of this video is to explain to our stakeholders in Ghana the work we are doing at the University of Ghana and how these activities contribute to the purpose of Target Malaria as an international research consortium.  

Designing this video followed a co-creation and co-development process among the communications team with members and consultants in Africa, Europe and North America.  

We wanted the narrative to reflect the nuances and richness of the Ghanaian culture, as conveyed through the Twi language, as well as appeal to a global audience who may not be knowledgeable about Ghana. The dual-language approach, featuring both English and Twi, ensures the message reaches a diverse audience, transcending linguistic barriers. The translation was done by the Bureau of Ghana Languages and was validated by the team in Ghana to ensure accuracy. 

The script was developed jointly by Target Malaria’s communications team with support from Joyce Najm and Tamsin Hibbert at Emerging Ag.  

With the script, the team in Ghana recorded the voiceovers in English (by Divine Dzokoto) and in Twi (by Linda Mawutor Aboagye). The recording took place at the Godzy Recording Studio by Godzy Media in Madina, Accra. The studio echoed the collaborative spirit as team members from the Ghana team lent their voices to narrate the videos.  

The videography and photography were provided by a Ghana-based agency, Lema Concepts who were able to capture Target Malaria Ghana’s work. Video editing was done by Calvin Bakelaar, a Canadian visual specialist, who also works at Emerging Ag Inc.  

This collaboration between the local and the global team not only delivered a communication tool but also enhanced the team’s capacity for future endeavours by being able to source more local suppliers. The hands-on involvement in script development, audio recording, and video production proved to be an invaluable opportunity for skill development and knowledge sharing. 

You can find “Our Work in Ghana” here on YouTube. Watch the video in Twi