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Target Malaria is an innovative project aiming to reduce the population of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes in sub-Saharan Africa.
By reducing the population of malaria mosquitoes, we aim to reduce the transmission of the disease.

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Why Malaria Matters

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New Quality Assurance Manager

I’m delighted to have joined Target Malaria as Quality Assurance Manager at Imperial College London. I will be responsible for…

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Overcoming genome sequencing gaps to accurately characterise a genetically modified mosquito strain

Genome sequencing of malaria vectors has given scientists a roadmap to identify the location of a potential transgene insertion site.…

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Launching the Mosquito Countdown for World Mosquito Day

I am pleased to announce the launch today of our World Mosquito Day campaign starting August 1st entitled the Mosquito…

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What do we mean by “Target Organism” in Target Malaria’s gene drive research?

I’m delighted to share a new paper that was published last week in Trends in Biotechnology, co-authored by Target Malaria…

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