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Malaria, a public health burden in Uganda

Malaria is still a public health burden in Uganda, accounting for 12,7 million infections and about 17,556 deaths yearly. It places a heavy burden on Uganda’s public health system and economy. 90% of Uganda’s population is at risk of malaria infection.

In 2022, WHO reported that there were an estimated of 12,7 million malaria cases and over 17,556 estimated deaths in the country. Sub-Saharan Africa is still the most affected by malaria, with 90% of cases globally. However, despite recent progress, efforts to combat malaria are stalling, as shown by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) latest World Malaria Report.

Existing methods to combat malaria, such as insecticide-treated nets, insecticides, and antimalarial drugs, have helped tremendously to reduce the malaria problem in Africa but, unfortunately, are not enough to eradicate malaria from Africa.

Various types of research are carried out to contribute to eliminating malaria by 2030, as advocated by WHO in its global technical strategy document for the fight against malaria 2016-2030, and Target Malaria is part of this effort.

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