Naima Sykes

Head of Global Stakeholder Engagement
Target Malaria UK

Stakeholder Engagement

Naima Sykes is a strategic communications and stakeholder engagement specialist working with an excellent global team to manage one of Target Malaria’s three pillars – Stakeholder Engagement. Her role is to ensure that the voices of those most affected by project activities are at the centre of decision-making, that engagement strategies are co-developed with stakeholders, and that global awareness of malaria and the need for new tools, including but not limited to gene drive, are prioritised at the highest level of decision-making. With a passion for socio-economic development through public private partnership and ten years’ experience, Naima has worked with the Government of Tanzania and multi-national organizations operating in East Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Naima holds a BA in History from Yale University. Naima is trained in advanced communication strategy, strategic media engagement, crisis communications and advanced communications and PR management.

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