Jude Thaddeus Bigirwenkya

Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Target Malaria Uganda

Jude Thaddeus Bigirwenkya is a Stakeholder Engagement Manager for  Target Malaria in Uganda. Joining in 2020, Jude has worked to expand the reach to different stakeholders from the community level to national level with information and awareness of the potential for gene drive technology in malaria elimination. As a stakeholder engagement lead in Uganda, Jude is responsible for planning and executing activities aimed at fostering and enhancing understanding of Target Malaria’s research in Uganda and the pathway to development of the project’s gene drive technology. He also works to ensure that Target Malaria activities receive appropriate consent or community agreement before they are implemented.

Jude holds a B.A. from Makerere University, Uganda and an MSc. in Development Studies from London South Bank University, UK. He has a certificate in science communication from the Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology, Stellenbosch University in South Africa.