New research technician 

Posted 2nd February 2024 by Irati Aramburu Gonzalez

I’m delighted to be joining  Target Malaria as a research technician in the Crisanti Lab research group, based at Imperial College London.    

As part of my role, I help research associates and PhD students carry out experiments aimed at controlling malaria through vector population suppression strategies. I divide my time between supporting laboratory experiments, such as molecular cloning, and tending to mosquito rearing and maintenance tasks in the insectary.    

I moved to London from Madrid when I started my BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London, which I completed in June 2023. During my studies, I developed a genuine interest in biotechnology and its potential to revolutionise human health, which led me to undertake my final year project at the Crisanti Lab. My aim was to investigate a novel promoter for the development of genetic vector control systems in Anopheles gambiae.    

After my undergraduate degree, I was excited about the possibility of becoming a research technician in the group, as this would allow me to continue being part of this innovative project aimed at preventing malaria transmission. My new role has enabled me to improve my technical skills while getting an insight into a career in research. 

When I’m not in the lab, you can find me on the soccer pitch or listening to music. I discovered my passion for soccer when I joined the Imperial College Women’s Football Club, becoming captain of the team in my third year at university. I’ve been playing the cello since the age of five and have recently joined a new string orchestra. Despite the hassle of obtaining concert or match tickets, I enjoy attending all types of musical and sporting events.