New research associate 

Posted 29th December 2023 by Dr. Wu Huang

I am excited to be joining Target Malaria as the new Research Associate at the Crisanti Lab at Imperial College London.

I hold a PhD in Computational Evolutionary Biology with a strong focus on genomics and bioinformatics. Throughout my research journey, I have dealt with multiple types of genomics data, including WGS, transcriptomics, target capture, RAD-seq, and GBS, which helped me gain extensive knowledge in genomic research.  My interdisciplinary background in botany, evolution and bioinformatics enables me to bridge the gap between biological sciences and computational disciplines.  

My aspiration within Target Malaria, as I move to my post doctorate research, is to leverage my skill set and interdisciplinary knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing mission of understanding and controlling mosquito populations, thereby mitigating the spread of malaria. 

In this pursuit, I am not only dedicated to the scientific advancement but also to fostering collaborations, bridging gaps between disciplines, and embracing diversity in approaches. Together, let us navigate the intricate landscape of malaria research, fueled by a passion for discovery and a shared commitment to make a tangible difference in the world. 

When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me on the tennis court, cycling or grooving to some swing dance beats. And I am always up for a culinary adventure!