Meet the young scientists of Target Malaria: Deus Kamya

Posted 8th September 2023 by Deus Kamya

What do you do with Target Malaria, and what do you enjoy about your work? 

I am a laboratory technologist with Target Malaria Uganda, at Uganda Virus Research Institute. My work mainly involves molecular identification of Anopheles spp-field collected mosquitoes, and I like the fact that what I do continues to enrich our understanding of the species composition and relative distribution of the malaria vectors in Uganda. 

What motivated you to enter this line of work? 

I was intrigued by biotechnological interventions for disease control and prevention, such as the approach of the Target Malaria project.  

Who are you inspired by? 

I am inspired by scientists like Dr Louis G. Mukwaya (UVRI), who despite everything working against them in their time, remained diligent and maintained the right attitude towards work. The success they have achieved has laid the foundation on to which, we the young scientists, are launching our careers. 

Do you have any advice to other Young Scientists? 

Science has the power to transform communities for the better! Let us do our part, however small it might be, knowing that every step forward counts.