New global communications officer

Posted 2nd May 2024 by Ndeye-Mane Sall

As a corporate communications practitioner, I was always drawn to projects that aim to positively impact the economic and social development of communities in Africa. For this reason, I am very pleased to join Target Malaria as the new Global Communications Officer. My role will include managing media relations, developing messaging and supporting our teams in Africa.  

Prior to joining Malaria, I have been working as a PR and communications consultant, working for various clients working in Africa, including the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and the project Digital Africa (backed by the French development agency). I also worked in France as a public relations consultant for the American communications agency Edelman in Paris. Earlier in my career, I worked at L’Afrique des Idées, a think-tank producing policy briefs on diverse topics for African policymakers. I was managing communications and built partnerships with Pan-African media and other NGOs active in the African diaspora.  

Born and raised in Senegal, I hold a Master’s degree in History and International Communications from the Sorbonne University. As a creative person, I thrive in multicultural and collaborative environments. I love discussing literature, cinema, and learning new languages. After Wolof, French, English and Spanish, my next objective is to be fluent in Portuguese.